2023Programs at a Glance

January 4: Zooming with Rabbi Joseph

January 17: Coffee and Contemplation

January 18: Torah Studies for Christians

February 4: Dena DeLuco, Mindfulness Practices for Daily Life

February 15: Torah Studies for Christians

February 21: Coffee and Contemplation

March 3-4: Sr. Dianne Bergant, Image of God: An Icon or an Idol?

March 15: Torah Studies for Christians

March 21: Coffee and Contemplation

April 18: Coffee and Contemplation

April 19: Torah Studies for Christians

April 22: Paulette Kirschensteiner, HM, Zentangle®

April 29: Ilia Delio, OSF, PhD, Community of Communities

May 5-7: Anne Kertz Kernion, Yoga and Meditation for Women of All Ages

May 16: Coffee and Contemplation

May 17: Torah Studies for Christians

May 19-20: Dena DeLuco, Wisdom of Soul

May 19-21: Weekend Individually Directed Retreat

May 21: Guided Labyrinth Walk

June 3: Villa Maria-thon 5K

June 16-18: Douglas Christie, PhD, Healed and Whole Forever: Cultivating a Sense of Place in a Time of Loss

June 18-25: Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat

June 21: Guided Labyrinth Walk

July 9-13: Paulette Kirschensteiner, HM, Mandala, Exploring the Sacred Circle

July 9-15: Spiritual Direction Formation Program

July 19: Guided Labyrinth Walk

July 23-28: Sr. Cheryl Rose, HM, The Long, Loving Look: A Guided Immersion in Prayer

August 16: Guided Labyrinth Walk

August 25-27: Anne Kertz Kernion,The Neuroscience and Spirituality of Self-Compassion: Caring for Ourselves in Unsettling Times

September 10-17: Weeklong Individually Directed Retreat

September 16: Paulette Kirschensteiner, HM, Zentangle® Exploring More

September 17: Guided Labyrinth Walk

September 21-24: Vernice Solimar, PhD and Nancy Slyvester, IHM, Enter the Chaos: Engage the Differences to Make a Difference

October 7: Nicole Schoeppner, VSTP, The Sound Of Stillness, Immersive Sound Meditation Workshop

October 13-15: Weekend Individually Directed Retreat

November 3-5: Diarmuid O'Murchu, How Evolution is Changing our Faith in the 21st Century

November 17-18: Cheryl Rose, HM, Enneagram

December 8-10: Cheryl Rose, HM, Empty Bowl Quest For the True Self: The Holiness of Self-Acceptance