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Get with the Program
Location: Begel Commons Area
Category: Weekend Opportunities
Date: Saturday January 13, 2024 through Sunday January 14, 2024
Cost: $135.00
Minimum Deposit: $85.00


Saturday, January 13
1 pm – 5 pm

Sunday, January 14
10 am– 2 pm

Get with the Program
with Dena DeLuco

Not Fully Participating in Your Life?
Putting Off Your Own Success - for the Success of Others?
Have BIG Goals and Don’t Know Where to Start?
Don’t Even Have Goals?

No worries - KEEP READING!

How great would it feel to open your eyes every morning with a profound sense of joy for the incredible life you have created … 
And then, to go to bed each night – in deep appreciation; knowing that you are living the life of your dreams?
GREAT NEWS, “Get with the Program” is coming to Villa Maria soon!

Join Success Coach and Mindset Mentor, Dena DeLuco, for this two-day, GAME-CHANGING event. 

Learn simple ways to:

Gain Clarity on What REALLY Matters
Find (and Keep) Your Focus
Surround Yourself with the RIGHT People
Tweak Your Daily Habits for Success
Understand Momentum – and Extend its Influence
Harness the Power of Your Thoughts (and Emotions)

Get with the Program is your go-to-class for Success!
It’s like hitting the RESET BUTTON or doing a SYSTEM REBOOT…on your life
All the tools and resources you need are within you … this class helps you find them.

This is for you if you are ready to:

Take responsibility for your own happiness, success, and joy
Do a deep dive – and get real with yourself about the path you’ve been walking
Give yourself permission to CHOOSE YOU!
Step into the person you are meant to be

Dena DeLuco
has a natural talent for originating easy and graceful ways to help empower you to live your life from a place of intention and heart.  Her casual and approachable style creates the perfect atmosphere for learning and healing on multiple levels (mind, body, and spirit). She is an author, teacher, Certified NLP Success Coach, Hypnotherapist and Hypnotist Trainer (International Hypnosis Federation), and the founder of


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     Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center
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     Villa Maria, PA 16155 

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Additional Information:
Overnight rate is $135 (includes program, lodging, dinner on Saturday and breakfast and refreshments on Sunday). Commuter rate is $85 (includes program and refreshments)
For more information
Phone: 724-964-8886
May 2024
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