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Divine Posture
Location: Begel Commons Area
Category: One Day Opportunities
Date: Saturday March 2, 2024
Cost: $90.00*
Minimum Deposit: $90.00


9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Divine Posture 
with Dan Rotnem

Divine posture is the bedrock of meditative living. It is the foundation on which all other seated meditation rests and has profound impacts on our well-being. The true power of meditation is in its capacity to erode barriers between our physical body and spiritual heart/mind, so this program serves as an exercise that includes our entire being. During this practice, you will discover:

    1. Why posture matters
    2. A posture that enables you to be receptive to entering meditative states 
    3. The mind’s response/reaction to physical stillness 
    4. The benefit of accepting discomfort
    5. Several meditation techniques, and
    6. Skills that provide a solid foundation for spiritual growth.

              This course is appropriate for all, from absolute beginners, seasoned meditators to aspiring teachers. 

Dan Rotnem is an American scholar, mystic, and human potential enthusiast who thrives on exploring the edges of what is possible and lighting the way for others. Dan connected to the sublime early in life, finding his own quiet spaces to meditate in church at three, and by age five, was enamored with zazen and personal refinement according to bushido-based martial arts. Dan holds a BA and MA in Chinese Language and Culture from The Ohio State University and is working toward Ph.Ds in mystical research and metaphysical sciences. He received ordination into the Hollow Bones Zen Order in 2019 and currently serves as the order's Executive Director and senior teacher, as well as the head priest of his local sangha, Open Door Zen. In 2023, Dan founded YourTurn Meditative Living and continues to devote himself to his passion for living, studying, and teaching the practices leading to unreasonable joy and true freedom.  


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