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You Are Your Dreams - Cancelled
Category: One Day Opportunities
Date: Saturday April 20, 2024
Cost: $55.00*
Minimum Deposit: $55.00


1:00 to 4:00 pm

You Are Your Dreams
Gary Loncki

What can dreams tell us about who we are and help light our spiritual path? Seekers, spiritual directors, directees and anyone answering the call of the soul journey will find “You Are Your Dreams” an insightful afternoon. In this interactive workshop from a Jungian perspective, Gary Loncki will help participants realize that every part of a dream is a part of who they are. That awareness offers clues to what the dream maker is inviting the dreamer to see with new eyes. Gary will share his personal experience and wisdom of dream thought leaders to invite participants to explore their own nocturnal stories. Guided meditations and exercises will invite the participants to explore dream symbols, feelings and connections to waking life. Participants are asked to bring a dream journal and a written dream on which to work. Optional sharing of dream experiences will be part of this experience. 

Gary Loncki has studied spirituality and explored deep inner work for nearly 40 years. His career has included broadcasting, journalism, and directing communications for religious nonprofits, but his higher calling is to help people heal and become their true selves. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communication arts from Gannon University, Erie, Pa., and is a certified spiritual director through Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center. His training in dreamwork has come from a Jungian therapist along with Spiritual Directors International and the Hayden Institute. Though Gospel-based, Gary is nourished by Buddhism, Hinduism, Spiritualism, Mysticism, and Native American spiritualities. With his intuitive and healing gifts, he has led workshops and guided meditations and is a licensed lay preacher in the Episcopal Church. A national and regional public speaker, he has presented inspirational talks on spirituality and history.


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