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Awakening the Emerging Kardiasphere - What could it mean for the future of the Earth Community? Register
Location: Conference Center
Category: Conference Retreats
Date: Monday August 26, 2024 through Thursday August 29, 2024
Cost: $450.00 *
Minimum Deposit: $100.00


7:00 pm Monday, August 26 to
12:00 pm Thursday, August 29, 2024

Awakening the Emerging Kardiasphere: What could it mean for the future of the Earth Community?
Gail Worcelo, SGM

Earth’s layers have been defined as geosphere (crust), biosphere (life) and noosphere (mind) , yet another evolutionary layer may be pressing to emerge, the Kardiasphere or Heart Sphere, a new layer of Christic love pressing to arise from within Earth’s deepest energies.

Although we are experiencing planetary chaos and collapse, breakdown and confusion, there is also an upswell of love, healing and breakthrough happening.   Could we be amidst a new geo-bio-spiritual transformation of love within Earth’s evolution?

During our retreat together we will activate our planetary heart as it wakes up to its enormous capacity for deeper loving and more intimate communion.

Gail Worcelo, SGM is a co-founder with Bernadette Bostwick and the late Passionist priest and cultural historian Thomas Berry, of Sisters of the Earth Community, the first community of Catholic sisters founded specifically for Earth Healing and Protection by honoring Earth as a Single Sacred Community. Sisters of the Earth Community has a worldwide base of Partners in Mission, sisters located in Vermont, Pennsylvania, Indonesia and Kenya. Gail travels around the world offering retreats and programs on the Spirituality of Earth, Retheologizing our place in the Cosmos, Living in a Multispecies World, and Awakening the Emerging Kardiasphere. Gail has been a presenter at LWR, CRA (Catholic Religious of Australia), religious communities of men and women worldwide, formation programs, universities, and schools in Asia, Australia, India, South America, Africa and New Zealand.


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