An Introduction

10 January 2023
Sr. Cheryl Rose

I suppose the thought of a blog going out from VMESC was a way to keep the spirit flowing in between retreats. It seems in the Empty Bowls and other retreats I have led at the retreat center there is such a sincere, prayerful atmosphere that surrounds us all weekend. Then we return to the world of busyness and distractions, problems and challenges. We remember the clarity or peace of retreat, and long for that time when we were able to be so solidly connected with God, when we could listen from our deepest heart to the wisdom and grace that are the gifts of retreat. My hope is that from time to time I might send something your way that could keep the embers enkindled—almost like a few “paddlestrokes” to keep your boat moving forward on the lake of the spirit. Even if we have never met or been on a retreat together, I trust that if this has come your way it is meant for you. May we be open to the messages that float our way, sometimes surprisingly, but which shed a little light on the path. Blessings of this season and light on your path in the coming new year!