A Lenten Look at Letting Go

13 March 2024
Sr. Cheryl Rose

A Lenten Look at Letting Go

The word “Lent” is “Let” minus the “n”.  Lately, I’ve been thinking how drawn I am to the spiritual work of “letting go.”  Such a Gospel call, a Jesus practice, an exercise in trust!  Instead of releasing sweets or treats this last half of Lent, let’s try releasing WORRY. . .or some other burden like it.  Certainly, it would be a spiritual exercise of more lasting value than “letting go” of candy! 

Let’s try making a pledge for this last leg of Lent to choose a new way of loosening our living and floating on trust. Maybe something like this:

  • I want to LET GO of the old life of WORRY
  • I want to accept what is—to let life flow without trying desperately to control or alter, to avoid, or squeeze past the flow of the river of life
  • Whether things go too slow—or too fast
  • Whether someone does what I wish they wouldn’t
  • Whether my project succeeds—or is thwarted
  • Whether people lie about everything, or are PURE in what they say and do
  • Whether things break or stop working
  • Whether I’m stopped in my progress by computers that don’t work, or by big or small interruptions or disasters
  • When the world around me, even those I love, disappoint or fail me even when my body misfunctions or falters

For these last Lenten days, can I ACCEPT it ALL—and ALLOW frustration? Then let frustration be released into the silent assent of ACCEPT?

As much as we are able, let’s try walking these holy days in the manner of Jesus, who ALLOWED the flow of grace through the last challenging days of his earthly journey—letting go of everything but love.