God Answers

24 June 2024
Sr. Cheryl Rose

God Answers

Some recent precious experiences have me thinking about wake-up calls from God.  Some, maybe many people feel God is so silent, that they can pray or ask for help but there’s never an answer, never a response.  But I think it’s just the opposite—that God has been talking to us from birth—ALWAYS—a daily non-stop conversation. We just have to risk believing this, and then learn God’s language.  God will speak in the language each of us would understand best.  Where do YOU fall on this spectrum of God answering us---never, seldom, always?

Years ago a woman I worked with in spiritual direction, who was earnestly seeking a deeper relationship with God, but also scared of it, had a precious experience.  She had been tearful about feeling unable to connect with God, doubting that she would ever have a personal relationship with God.  After tears of doubt she left my office.  She called me a little later with tears of joy.  When she started her car as she left my office, THIS song came on the radio: “You are so beautiful to me…can’t you see?”  She instantly knew this was God’s response to her—and she heard it clearly!

Or the woman I saw recently, who was struggling with guilt and shame feeling that maybe she wasn’t the person God wanted her to be.  She had not done anything great for God, maybe wasn’t serving God the way God imagined for her.  As she struggled with her self-doubt and sadness, that night she was journaling when a tender response popped  in from God on her You Tube.   A haunting cello instrumental suddenly played: “Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.”  She knew instantly that this was God’s response to her fears, and it broke her heart!  No judgment! No correction! No stern guidelines for getting her act together!  Just a sweet love song. Or maybe you cry out for help to God, praying earnestly, even desperately, and you hear nothing.  Meanwhile you keep getting a nudge to “Call_____”, a friend or helper to you.  And you finally follow the nudge, and God, through your friend’s voice, settles or calms your soul.

How could God NOT respond to the simple, sincere expressions of our heart?!  How often does God “HASTEN to help us”, aching to console our hearts or guide our lostness? 

So let’s ponder these questions today:

  • Has God sent a song my way, one that just pops in my head, or plays its way to me?
  • What responses, what love notes has God been sending to me?
  • What does God yearn to say to me now about my life?